Registration number of Certified Companies

We envision the future of agriculture with less chemical inputs, with more fertile soils, a closed cycle of agricultural systems following natural processes, species and bees protection.
In order to protect the environment and biodiversity but also the health of people that is interrelated with the health and sustainability of the ecosystems, we developed our private standard based on regulations Reg. (EU) 834/2007 and Reg. (EU) 889/2008 on organic production, certification of preparations for organic farming.

The project we are currently managing is called "Eco Fert" - "Inspection, evaluation and certification of inputs (fertilizers and plant protection products) suitable for organic farming" aims to further develop the process aiming to issue a certificate of conformity for fertilizers, compost and plant protection products.

On this page, a database will be available soon with the registration numbers of certified companies. The farmers and companies will have free access to the database and will be able to indicate where they can find certified inputs for organic farming.

What is the added value of the certification ?

The certification will give added value to the products (fertilizers, compost, plant protection products). As the demand for organic products and raw materials is increased, the organic farmland in Europe and the world is increased as well. In Greece the organically grown area is 9.3%, in Europe the average is 7.5% of the total EU arable land. Based on the EU strategy ‘Farm to Fork’ the organically grown area will increase to 25% in Europe by 2030.

Therefore, the use and need for products suitable for organic farming will grow.

Certificates of conformity can be issued to:

Commercial companies that distribute a fertilizer, compost, plant protection products
Manufacturers of Preparations
Municipalities (in cases of compost)

The types of preparations belong to the following categories:

Soil conditioners
Substances for plant growth
Plant enhancers
Action synergies
By-products of livestock farms
Crop substrates (soil mixtures)