The project is an important part of our revival strategy. Based on our philosophy which centralizes the human growth, the environmental protection and the well-being of the society we developed eco-friendly services. More specifically, our newly launched project is called "Eco Fert" - "Inspection, evaluation and certification of inputs" suitable for usage in organic farming. The aim is to issue a certificate of conformity for inputs (fertilizers and plant protection products) which are suitable for organic farming. The evaluation is based on the private standard developed by DIO - Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products.

The duration of the project is one year (2021-2022) and the goal is to develop further the process and the technical knowledge and to build a network of clients, so that the Institute is financially viable in 2023.
Certificates of conformity can be issued to commercial companies that distribute products, to the manufacturers or to the producers and municipalities (in cases of compost).

According to the national legislation published in 2020, all municipalities in Greece must produce certified compost from appropriate waste fractions. However, details on how these laws will come into force and who will provide the certification have not yet been determined.