Institute of Ecological Agriculture DIO
For the Human, the Environment and the Society

In a period of environmental and societal crisis, we decided to reactivate the Institute of Ecological Agriculture DIO. Our aim is to promote ecological agriculture in Greece through research, education and information towards the public. Having a human-centered and eco-centric approach, our Institute is non-profit and therefore no profit distribution is made to its members. Since 1999, when the Institute was founded, the respect for humans and nature and the value of cooperation function as a driving forces for the development of our company

Our History

Part of our renewed strategy is to provide environmental friendly services. In this context, the project 'Eco-Fert' - Inspection, Evaluation and Certification of inputs (fertilizers and plant protection products) suitable for organic farming is developed. Within the project is developed the following process: issuing Certificates of Conformity to companies (commercial or producers) for fertilizers (compost, inorganic and organic) and plant protection which are suitable in organic farming. 'Ecological agriculture' has many aspects and fields of application. Its foundation is the management of natural resources in a way that significantly reduces the use of synthetic inputs (fertilizers and plant protection products). Sustainable land management, respecting the natural cycles of ecosystems and reducing synthetic inputs helps maintain soil biodiversity and soil fertility by increasing soil organic matter. It also contributes significantly to the protection of the environment in many ways, avoiding aquifer pollution with synthetic fertilizers and chemical plant protection products that adversely affect biodiversity and human health.

Our goal is the promotion of ecological agriculture in Greece,
through research, education and raising public awareness.

Out Target

The Institute of Ecological Agriculture DIO is non-profit character. We aim to scientifically support and promote ecological agriculture in Greece through documentation, research, dissemination and awareness-raising activities. The Institute has a wide field of activity which approaches issues of ecological agriculture from technical and social aspects. The Institute will function as a reference point for stakeholders (agencies, individuals, producers, research centers, etc.). for ecological agriculture by offering training and knowledge to producers and companies.

The action areas are:

The concentration of scientific knowledge, and technological development produced and created in the country and abroad and is related to ecological agriculture and its adaptation to the data of the Greek agricultural practice. Data collection and research on the problems that conventional agriculture creates in the environment and in humans.

Technical Issues

Such as organic fertilization, alternative methods of dealing with enemies or diseases, knowledge of agro-ecosystems and recording of beneficial, etc.

Socio-economic Issues

Such as difficulties that hinder the promotion of organic products for consumption, alternative distribution networks, organizational structures, factors that limit the adoption of organic farming principles by farmers, correlation with technical issues (interdisciplinary approach) and proposing solutions.

The Institute, will promote cooperation with civil society organizations in developing and transition countries. Also will promote programs which aim at improving the social and economic situation of these countries. Within the framework of these collaborations, we will try to implement programs in the fields of emergency humanitarian, environmental protection, agricultural production, organic agriculture and food safety.

Coordinating role:
The Institute is a reference point for stakeholders and individuals, encouraging contacts and collaborations between scientists, research centers, ecological networks, etc. The Company is non-profit and therefore no profit distribution is made to its members.

Means for achieving the goals of the Institute are:

Participating in national and international research and other programs related to organic and ecological agriculture and utilization of relevant national, European and international funding sources
Organization of scientific conferences – workshops and meetings and follow in Greece and abroad
Organizing seminars, lectures, presentations, educational activities for ecological agriculture and raising awareness of different categories: producers, consumers, scientists, various levels of education.
Publications of books, magazines, brochures and scientific reports
Collection of bibliography and creation of library and database (information center)
Conduct small, flexible research projects (bibliography reviews and experimentation), focusing on the needs of the organic farmer (eg effectiveness of organic farming preparations)
Demonstration of best-practice examples in organic farms
Participation in global organizations of organic and ecological agriculture such as IFOAM, ISOFAR etc.
Cooperation and joint actions with similar organizations, research centers , universities and cooperatives

Our Team

Our team consists of people with environmental consciousness and many years of experience in the agri-food sector in Greece and abroad. Following the fast developments in the field we are able to offer you high quality services. Our team and our partners are constantly evolving and training following market trends and the need for eco-friedly services aimed at the development of sustainable agriculture in Greece.

Based on your needs we will plan together the services package you need to make your business blossom.